Sunday, May 30, 2010

Return to Eden - Ultravox Live at the Roundhouse (London)

Last year I had mentioned on this blog that it was going to be the year for Ultravox. I think it was. But not in the U.S. Still holding out some hope of a tour in the States though I don't know if the U.S. gives much of a hoot for this reunion. I for one was very happy to hear of it. Having listened to them non-stop since the mid 80s. I've never taken a break from them. They are one of the greats.

There's been a lot of 30 year celebrations going on lately and  I had wished I could have been a part of this one. Let's face it, some of us aren't getting any younger and this is our last chance to say "thank you and good night" to those groups that are still standing and still want to pleasure us with their sound.

So Midge, Billie, Warren & Chris are superb in what they do in this reunion. Their sound is very tight and they seem so together with the whole thing. There's a lot of keyboard action going on and they are all played live - by hand. Isn't that refreshing to see? It's a great set-list of  just about all the singles and a couple of album cuts.

Ultravox had only one other live album during the 80s. That of "Monument." It's pretty good, but this is much better. I was glad that they did the same closing at The Roundhouse as they did in Monument. The ending to The Voice where they all take to the drums. The DVD also contains a small documentary mostly taped by Midge about the buildup to the tour. Emotions are high as they meet up for the first time in over 20 some years.

It really takes me back when I hear All Stood Still or Sleepwalk and all I can think about is WLIR radio station playing them almost daily.

All I can say is if you're a fan of the band, do get this. I believe this is a limited release.

My top 15 Ultravox songs:

  1. Vienna
  2. Mr. X
  3. The Voice
  4. Rage in Eden
  5. I Remember (Death in the Afternoon)
  6. We Came to Dance
  7. Hymn
  8. White China
  9. One Small Day
  10. Visions in Blue
  11. Lament
  12. Serenade
  13. Reap The Wild Wind
  14. Love's Great Adventure
  15. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

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