Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PSB Pandemonium Live

Some info on the live CD/DVD due out on 2/15.

The cocert was shot at the O2 Arena, London on December 21, 2009. Would  have loved to have been there for that one. I have said this before that this was by far the most fun and memorable concerts that I had ever attended for many years of concert going. If you didn't see it in person, get the DVD you will love it.

Here's a track-list:

o 1. More Than A Dream/Heart
o 2. Did You See Me Coming
o 3. Pandemonium/Can You Forgive Her
o 4. Love Etc
o 5. Go West
o 6. Two Divided By Zero
o 7. Why Don't We Live Together
o 8. New York City Boy
o 9. Always On My Mind
o 10. Closer To Heaven/Left To My Own Devices
o 11. Do I Have To
o 12. King's Cross
o 13. Suburbia
o 14. Se A Vida E/Discoteca/Domino Dancing/Viva La Vida
o 15. It's A Sin
o 16. Being Boring
o 17. West End Girls

The DVD contains the entire concert plus:

23. My Girl [DVD]
24. It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas [DVD]
25. Love Etc [video/DVD]
26. Did You See Me Coming [video/DVD]
27. All Over The World [video/DVD]
28. 2009 BRIT Awards Performance [DVD] - Pet Shop Boys & Lady Gaga/Brandon Flowers.


Yuяi said...

Thanks, V. I just pre-ordered the DVD. I had been meaning to do it but forgot, like so many things lately. Got it $10 cheaper on than US even with the currency conversion. Not too shabby! Thanks again.

V said...

Great deal, Yuri! This comes out just in time for my birthday and I guess it will be a nice present to myself. I'll wait until it comes out locally and hopefully I have a Border's coupon with maybe 30-40% off that I can use.