Monday, January 19, 2009

I look out from my window view......

Read a book, maybe write a letter. Mother things are getting better.

Lately there's been some snow falls. It seems the most we've got since winters past. I welcome it.

So these are some window views from the fire-escape side. The other widow has my air conditioner in it so I can't open it.

And I *need* to invest in a moderately good digital camera. The one I've been using has had its run.


xolondon said...

Aww, we have not had any snow at all! I am well pissed since I now have a backyard and am not 17 stories in the air.

BTW, that's a very swanky neighborhood from those pics.

V said...

Really? I thought DC and NY had the same weather. Oh well - sorry about the no snow. You're so lucky to have your very own backyard. What I'd give for a place to grow me some tomatoes. :)

I think the snow makes every neighborhood seem rather swanky.

steve said...

Yes, we had a nice but way too brief snowfall the other day. My fiancee Kris is from Trinidad and we were talking via G-mail when I directed the camera to the window. She freaked out at how pretty the snow falling was. If only we could get dumped on big time on a work day now, preferably an hour or two before I wake up! As for new digital cameras, yes I hear you there V. I'm still "borrowing" the one they gave us for work a few years back (most phones now have more megapixels that that one).

xolondon said...

I also have squirrels and rats in my backyard, so I think tomatoes would never last. Most of the flowers survive though.