Saturday, September 27, 2008

Night Flight

During the early days of cable, there was a show on the USA network called "Night Flight." It was a conglomeration of short films, music videos and funny shorts. One of the things I miss on cable before reality TV took over and made TV into the devil's paintbrush. Night Flight went into TV heaven along with MTV's 120 minutes and late night horror films hosted by Elvira. According to wiki, Night Flight is about to make a return, though I doubt it will be anything like what we saw back in the 80s. No more Bob, Church of the Sub-Genius I'm sure. But then, it may be re-runs, which would be great! A search on YouTube will give you a bunch of stuff that was Night Flight. Including the "1 900-Dude" bit, which I know I have on a video tape somewhere as I used to tape the shows on occasion.



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steve said...

Hahaha! This is good stuff V. I vaguely remember this, at least the "Dude" thing. the "Arise" clip was excellent though. Thanks.