Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Take me to Switzerland and give me a deck chair

Silence can be deafening sometimes.
Sometimes, you want the noise.
Turn on the TV to hear some voices.
Turn on some music. But the music can take you places and do some sort of damage emotionally. What once was so enjoyable now takes you to some dark places.
I'm in such a place now. So I keep quiet. But the silence is too loud.
Anyway, here's everything you ever wanted to know about Enjoy The Silence that you didn't think to ask. More info than you need. Also is a list of artists who have covered the song like Tori Amos, Kim Wilde and Keane. Read about how Martin wanted to keep this song on the downbeat rather than Alan and the rest of the band's upbeat version.
Click linky: Enjoy the Wiki


Yuяi said...

Hi V, how cosmic that your post and Xolondon's talk about DM's Enjoy the Silence. Great song and one of my all time DM faves.

The wordle thingee is cool too. My browser doesn't like it, but I'm going to give it another try later.

steve said...

Hey there V-man. Hope you're doing better. Yeah, there were and are many times I'd like that chair and view as well. This is one of my all time favorite DM songs AND vids. They really don't make music videos like this any more. Thanks for the info--I'll check it out then.