Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beyond the Bowl

I saw this on Cosmic Variance and wanted to share. Click on Bruno to go there.

Anyway, I have a friend whom I converse on the phone with once a week and eventually, the conversation turns to either philosophy, religion, science or personal beliefs. Sometimes it gets heated up and sometimes it's just fun to get each other's take on what the universe is up to or what we think it is up to or what they tell us it is up to. But the last conversation left me in bitter tears and I wasn't able to handle it well. It was the statement made - that I am limited in my thinking! Oh there wasn't any name-calling or anything like that, but it was getting there. Two opposing views can sometimes really shake things up.

I'm an out-of-the closet Skeptic and proud of it!

You know if there are an infinite number of other universes out there, you know there's gotta be one universe where the Flying Spaghetti Monster is really god.

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kilgorsky said...

No one has ever said to me that I'm "limited in my thinking" but if they did I'd probably say: Yes! You're right. At least I think for myself. If it makes any sense.

I know there are tons of smarter people out there. It doesn't bother me. I'm, too, ready to learn from anyone if they have someting interesting to say. Having said that I also believe I'm not stupid and having lesser knowledge of certain issues doesn't make me limited.