Friday, March 14, 2008

You don't represent me!

This is a "You've got to be fucking kidding me!" moment.

It's just scary that there are still people making these kinds of speeches and getting away with it.

Want to know? Read here.

Thank you.


xolondon said...

First, I am always amazed by people who spend all their time obsessing over gay people. It's really bizarre, like some sort of brain problem. Aside from the obvious issues of latency or anger about something personal - it's often tied to self-hate.

I had a "second" and I forgot it! OH! This Kern woman has probably set back the anti-gay agenda by being so blatant.

Anonymous said...

another friend of mine posted the audio on his blog. it just about made me sick. oh, and i especially love the bit where she's talking about how suicidal and mentally ill "they" are. gee... but that just couldn't be because of people like HER oppressing "them" over the centuries, now could it? naaaah....

p.s. (hi! remember me?)

V said...

So true!

Sidra! So nice to see you in blogland again! You know I just visited an old blogger-friend of mine from the old days and surprise, she had just posted something. I was so happy and now you appear.

Hope to see more of you!

steve said...

I won't even listen to her speech--just another idiot blowing hot air and knowing nothing of what they say. It's scary that there are still quite a bit of these folks on the planet. If anyone is evil, it is these hate-filled bigots.