Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Phone picture tags

Me and my brother are playing phone picture tag. He sends me pictures of the desert where it's 75 degrees, I send him pictures of the city where it's snowing and below 30 degrees. He tells me he's wearing shorts while I send him a picture of me all bundled up.

But I did like the recent picture. It reminds of the first time I moved to Phoenix and upon waking up in my brother's apartment, this was pretty much the image that I saw out the window. Clear, blue skies and hot air baloons hovering up the sky. Landscapes of cacti and other desert-y things. Anyway, it's quickly owtgrown as it would be to any New Yorker or anyone from a big city (I'm so over it...)

What is funny about this is that they (meaning my brother and anyone living out there in Phoenix). Think because we have a winter season here, that we must be miserable and want to be out there on the sunny side. That may be true to some people, but it sure isn't true of me. Anyway, in contrast, below is the picture I sent to him outside the Native American museum.


steve said...

Ha ha, cool! I do love winter, but it starts to get me down after a while. Honestly, I need a fix of Spring soon. When the cherry blossoms arrive and the rain falls and you can "smell" the air, I start to feel more alive again.

V said...

I know what you mean, but I can stand winter for however long it is. Just the way I am. You're lucky you guys have the whole cherry blossoms out there in VA. I'd love to visit sometime during spring to experience that.

steve said...

yes, you definitely should. You're more than welcome.