Thursday, December 28, 2006

Moon Over Andromeda


While not exactly the "holiday blues," I'm somewhat on the downside at the moment. Christmas was OK and Oh, I can smile about it now but at the time it was terrible. Then I realized, this is what I've been given. Make of it whatever you can to keep it interesting. Boy, did I try. I played melodies with my knife on several glasses of wine each filled to a certain level in their glasses.

Some things I've vocalized at the table:

"It's 'shaken not stirred, not stirred not shaken'"

"Martini is spelled with a 'i' at the end not 'y'"

"It's made with gin, not vodka, unless that's how you want it and yes it DOES have Vermouth! Don't tell me I'm wrong!"

And I thought "If I stick a fork in my eye, I might just be able to get out of this."

That sort of thing.

But that's all just funny now and nothing to be down about. And this type of thing happens all around the world.

Depeche Mode Interview:

Check out this fun Depeche Mode interview on YouTube. Kinda nice to see them in this way. I love Martin's responses. Listen to what Simon Lebon had to say when he first met Dave.

My Obsession:

It's all about getting this electric guitar lately. And you know that once you begin thinking about something and begin to obsess over it, it's everywhere. Not only that, but everyone around you seems to be thinking the same way and getting theirs. Just want one, that's all. And I'll get it too. Just watch me. It's about the music, man - it's not about having toys to play with or to show off with. I just want to make music.

Music (making of):

I was playing around with Apple's Logic Express and I might just start using this over Ableton Live. At the moment anyway. But I can do with a new Mac Pro though. Again, it's about the music. I need power. But that's thousands of dollars away from here. Sigh


If you were celebrating or that you had time off to go see family and occasion to celebrate, I hope that it was all fun filled and joyous and everything good.

Picture above from the website Astronomy Picture of The Day.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Keys to Attraction

Here's little clip of Dr. Chopra talking about how to be attractive to others. Not much mystery here. Easier said than done though. The more interesting thing here is what he says about negative traits. Someone too positive = unattractive. De we know these people?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's a little dangerous that this is the sight I see every time I exit the train station to walk home. A Guitar Center walking distance from my apartment - not quite a good thing. I had actually planned on going there today. I wanted to buy a new audio interface. I wanted to look at guitars and basses. I plan on getting these instruments as I haven't touched any for years. And I'm afraid I'm going to have to learn to use them all over again. But the plan failed as I had one of those weekend long headaches again. What's up with that? Keeps happening more and more lately. I had to sleep it off. Now it's late in the evening and there's not much to do.

So Friday (I'm going backwards), I wanted to get off at Union Square and do a little CD shopping and get a hair-cut. But that didn't go either as I was having some awful pains coming from my left foot and legs.

So is this the pattern? Every time I think of shopping, I get all these pains keeping me from going. The result of the pains that came on my left foot was from hanging out at Toys R Us the previous evening, shopping for toys for Santa letters that we get in our office for underprivileged children and toy drive. I had stopped buying my niece and nephews gifts in favor of this sometime ago. They get plenty of stuff. I'd rather give to those that really need it, even though I don't know who they are.

I'm watching Cartoon Network right now. Assy McGee - That's some twisted shit, right there. Yeah, I'm laughing my ass off.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I found Joshua* at the synagogue, listening to the Pharisees lecture on the Law. I stepped through the group of boys sitting on the floor and whispered to him.
"Bartholomew says that he knows you are the Messiah."
"The idiot? did you ask him how long he's known?"
"He says the village dogs told him"
"I never thought to ask the dogs."
"He says that we should live simply, like dogs, carry nothing, no affectations - whatever that means."
"Bartholomew said that? Sounds like an Essene. He's much smarter than he looks."
"He's trying to learn to lick his own balls."
"I'm sure there's something in the Law that forbids that. I'll ask the rabbi."
"I'm not sure you want to bring that up to the Pharisee."
"Did you tell your father about the angel?"
"Good. I've spoken to Joseph, he's going to let me learn to be a stonecutter with you. I don't want your father to change his mind about teaching me. I think the angel would frighten him." Joshua looked at me for the first time, turning from the Pharisee, who droned on in Hebrew. "Have you been crying?"
"Me? No, Bart's stench made my eyes water."
Joshua put his hand on my forehead and all the sadness and trepidation seemed to drain out of me in an instant. he smiled. "Better?"
"I'm jealous of you and Maggie."
"That can't be good for your neck."
"Trying to lick your own balls. It's got to be hard on your neck."
"Did you hear me? I'm jealous of you and Maggie."
"I'm still learning, Biff. There are things I don't understand yet. The Lord said, 'I'm a jealous god.' So Jealousy should be a good thing."
"But it makes me feel so bad."
"You see the puzzle then? Jealousy makes you feel bad, but God is jealous, so it must be good, yet when a dog licks its balls it seems to enjoy it, but it must be bad under the Law."
Suddenly Joshua was yanked to his feet by the ear. The Pharisee glared at him. "Is the Law of Moses too boring for you, Joshua bar Joseph?"
"I have a question, Rabbi," Joshua said.
"Oh, jeez." I hid my head in my arms.

*Joshua = Christ

The preceding was from the book "Lamb" by Christopher Moore.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas - Siouxsie style

You know how on YouTube you can post directly to your blog? Well, it didn't work on this one. Waited and waited and nothing happened.

This is Siouxsie & The Banshees singing a Christmas Carol in French called "Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant."

There was a much better version of this months ago on YouTube but didn't think to post it cause, you know, it wasn't the season. But then thinking back, it would have been perfect to post about Christmas in July.

This was around the time Robert Smith was with The Banshees for a short time around 1983/1984.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Jack Nasty! You didn't go up there to fish!

So during the weekend, I wanted to sit and get a little creative with the keyboards, but headaches prevented me from doing any concentrating of any kind. Kind of robbed of my Sunday. I get a headache from anything. Too much wind, too much sun, when I bend my head down, when I wear a hat and so on.

So I had nothing else to think of but to flip channels.

I have video on demand and HBO and I was looking to see if there was anything interesting to watch. And I figured I'd give this a try.

When this movie first came out, I admit that I couldn't really figure out what the hell the fuss was about. Everyone was saying how they watched it and cried and all that nonsense. I'm really not that big on Hollywood hype. But Mr. Lee did win a bunch of awards for it. Still, that doesn't say much to me. Especially a movie about lovers. I figure it's something I can't much relate to so I ignored this whole phenomena.

Ok, I have to say as I was watching this movie, I did feel for these guys and what they were going through. Forbidden love in 1963 where no love should go. And how so many lives get ruined because you can't share your love with the one you want.

The message I get from this movie is this. People, get over it and let humans be humans and let them love who they want. Otherwise they're going to do things that they don't want to really do. And in the process ruin lives. Or something to that effect.

I'm really the last person in the world to give opinion about the lifestyle since I don't really "live" much of it myself. But there are those that do but are so trapped in all this fire and brimstone world that they end up getting married and again ruin lives.

So as the movie finished, I thought "Damn! That was a good movie and I freakin hate all that cowboy crap!" But I didn't cry or anything. But it did do something. I felt something. I just thought it was very well made. The story was wonderfully put together in all its brutal honesty. It was the kind of movie that after you watch it, you don't really don't want to watch anything else.

So you can shoot me or throw me off a train, but I had to go back to Brokeback Mountain and watch it a second time.